Gilbert Arenas Drew Gun on Teammate During Gambling Debt Argument States New York Post

jesper-jensen-sports-betting-industry-missing-big-data-video-fA Gilbert Arenas gun incident is shining more negative light on the NBA star. Gilbert Arenas is being accused of drawing a gun on his teammate in a locker room showdown.

The New York Post is reporting that both Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton drew guns on each other during a locker room dispute that stemmed from a gambling debt. When asked about the confrontation, neither Arenas nor his team the Washington Wizards denied that the incident took place, and that has to have both the league and fans of the Wizards very worried about the latest actions by their supposed super star player.

Arenas was asked point-blank if anything happened between him and Crittenton if something transpired between them, and Arenas responded with “I don’t know”. Now it seems like Arenas is hiding something in this case, and that if he can’t answer a simple question like this with anything other than “I don’t know” that he might not actually realize the gravity of the situation.

It’s also possible that since Arenas got his $100+ million contract from the Wizards that he now cares a lot less about how he looks now that he has been paid. Arenas isn’t making things better with comments on his Twitter account either. But it shouldn’t surprise fans when he had talked up being able to watch Avatar on boot leg copies from his home.

If there is any truth to this story, Gilbert Arenas could be in a lot of hot water that might even include the Wizards being able to get out of their contract with him. The New York Post reports that the argument between Arenas and Crittenton took place when Arenas refused to pay out a gambling debt he had, and that Arenas drew his gun on his teammate before Crittenton went for his gun. This comes just days after the Wizards announced that Arenas had been keeping guns in his locker at the team’s home court in order to get them out of his house. The NBA is currently investigating that issue, with local law enforcement certainly interested in what is taking place.

Now this new chapter in the Arenas gun drama has come out, and it’s even more shocking than the last story. The NBA hasn’t released an official statement on what has taken place, and they probably won’t until they interview all of the parties involved. This is a situation unlike anything that has ever taken place in an NBA locker room (as far as we know) and it’s one of those things that is going to continue to cause bad press for the team and the NBA until action is taken. Suspensions could even happen with the severity of drawing guns on each other being present.

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